There should be no doubt that the burden of paying to run this country rests squarely on your shoulders - the individual taxpayer.

Not to worry … McKernan Corp's 'got your back'

We offer professional, experienced tax preparation and planning services on a personal, one-to-one basis to help you manage your share of the burden. We believe in maintaining a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to meet with our clients.

Highlights of our services:
  • Federal, State & Local returns prepared for all states and all localities.
  • Returns of all complexities prepared, including:
    • Sole-proprietorships (Schedule C) - learn more about our Small Business services.
    • Rental properties (Schedule E) - learn more about our services for Rental Properties.
    • Investments & Capital Gains.
  • Quarterly Estimated tax services.
  • Fully computerized. We believe computers make excellent tools but terrible masters - our professionals make the decisions, not our computers!
  • Consultations and tax planning services to meet your needs.
  • Secure File Exchange Server to help protect your sensitive information.

Be it a small apartment over the garage or a multi-unit building, it's still a rental property.

Rental properties are an important investment for many people. They can offer the benefits of having someone else buy the asset for you (through rental payments), potential appreciation in value, as well as significant tax benefits.

Of course, these tax benefits come at a cost - in the form of complicated tax laws. Understanding them allows you to take the full benefits; failure to understand, and your investment can get trampled.

That's where McKernan Corp comes in - we understand … your needs and the tax laws. You should be managing your property and let us worry about …

  • Allowable expenses and includible income.
  • Depreciation methods, rates and schedules.
  • Asset basis for tax purposes.
  • At-Risk limitations.
  • Deductiblity of rental losses.
  • Basis adjustments at time of sale.
  • Secure File Exchange Server to help protect your sensitive information.

Have a rental unit in your home or a vacation property? Then for you, the tax laws are even more complex.

Small business… is the backbone of our country and our economy. Yet, small businesses and their owners are treated like fodder by the tax laws. You have no lobbyists, no special interest groups — no one but your politicians to look out for you!

Don't 'go it alone' — at the McKernan Corp our focus is Small Businesses. We share your plight, we understand the challenges you face.

We offer complete tax accounting services to help keep taxes from over-taxing your business.

Highlights of our services:
  • Business formation and registration services.
  • Complete accounting services - monthly, quarterly or ... you name it.
  • Payroll preparation & compliance services.
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable services.
  • Consultations.
  • Secure File Exchange Server to help protect your sensitive information.
  • We'll gladly customize our services to provide the help your business needs.

Estate & Trust matters

Sadly, dealing with Estates is something many of us face at some point in our lives. The problem, from a tax standpoint, is that few people face these issues often enough (thankfully) to understand the tax consequences.

We can help! We understand the tax problems you face, and have the experience to keep your estate/inheritance taxes to a minimum.

Non-Profit Organizations

Fire companies, ambulance squads, private schools, HOAs, COAs, POAs, sporting & social clubs and more, although 'tax exempt' may have tax returns to file nonetheless. Sometimes these returns are purely "informational" — no tax is due — but they still must be filed.

There is probably no area of tax law more misunderstood than Non-Profit organizations. Again, McKernan Corp has the experience to help with your Exempt Organization


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In today's climate of indentity theft and other financial crimes, McKernan Corp wants to help our clients protect their sensitive information.

We make SecureFilePro available to all our clients, which allows us to privately & securely exchange documents and sensitive information.

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